The Impact of Impact Glass and Windows

All it takes is one, tiny point of entry into your home for hurricane winds to take over; your belongings will be hitting the wall and your roof will be lifting off. As we all know, windows are the most susceptible to damage. Just one small piece of debris at high enough speeds can crack your window and let the hurricane in. Even without debris, strong winds can do the job. According to, winds at 82 MPH result in blown out windows, that's with no help from debris. No need to fear, there is one type of glass that a hurricane won't break through. Impact glass.

Hurricane season begins on June 1st

This means that we officially have one more month to prepare for fast wind and tough rain. It’s important to take advantage of every resource available to prevent catastrophe, so we don’t look back on disaster and wish that we had taken precautions. There are many ways to be prepared for disaster, the most important part of these preparedness procedures is remaining calm. Assessing your situation with a level-head can save you thousands of dollars and tons of heartache.

Impact Glass helps prevent Wind Damage

Hurricane season starts on June 1st. Now that is right around the corner! Have you been preparing? There are many ways to get ready for any incoming storms: making hurricane kits, stocking up on water and foods, batteries, etc. The most important factor is protecting your home. If your home is adequately protected from the forces of a hurricane there is no need to worry. There are many ways that people protect their homes nowadays. What is the best protection? Impact glass.

The Secret to Energy Savings: Impact Windows and Doors

According to Reader's Digest, "For every degree you set your thermostat back, you'll save 3% on heating costs." This is a huge percentage of our money for just one degree. We fluctuate by one or two degrees like it's nothing. We know that energy costs are going up and this can add up very quickly. Getting deeper and deeper into winter, every degree of temperature counts.

Insulate Your Home This Winter With Impact Windows and Doors

There are many reasons to invest in impact glass that don’t have much to do with storms. With hurricane season passing, only one of those reasons is out the window! There are many benefits you may not know about that could be important to you. Out of all of the magnificent aspects of impact glass, insulation is one that may be sought after most of all.

Impact Doors and Windows in the Winter

The summer is coming to an end and it's time to take advantage of all the great benefits of impact doors and windows. Some people mistakenly believe that the only effect impact doors and windows have is in the presence of a hurricane. That is anything but the case! Installing impact doors and windows in your home may be the greatest choice you've made since moving in. Here's why.

Five reasons to buy impact doors and windows

Protection from wind and wind-borne debris: Impact doors and windows will protect the entries of your home from storm-related damages such as wind-borne debris and wind itself.

Water leakage resistance: Impact doors and windows have much higher water leakage resistance than regular windows and doors. No unwanted water will be getting into your home anymore!

Peace and quiet: After the installation is complete, you will notice that less noise gets into your house from outside. No more hearing traffic or loud kids.