Hurricane season begins on June 1st

This means that we officially have one more month to prepare for fast wind and tough rain. It’s important to take advantage of every resource available to prevent catastrophe, so we don’t look back on disaster and wish that we had taken precautions. There are many ways to be prepared for disaster, the most important part of these preparedness procedures is remaining calm. Assessing your situation with a level-head can save you thousands of dollars and tons of heartache.

Many different weather organizations are making different predictions for the 2015 hurricane season. The Weather Channel predicts six hurricanes, only one being Category 3 or higher. North Carolina State University’s Department of Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is predicting only three hurricanes, one being at least Category 3. The Global Weather Oscillations Inc. (GWO), however, is predicting eight hurricanes, at least three being Category 3 or higher.

It is hard to pick and choose one source to completely trust. This is why your best choice is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The most effective way of protecting your family and your assets is with impact doors and windows. Especially if you are in the ft. Lauderdale area, you should know what impact glass is. Impact glass is a special type of glass, suitable for every size window that can withstand winds up to 175MPH; no other glass can withstand this insane wind speed which is why it is so useful to protect against the fierce winds of hurricanes. You can also get impact doors. That is regular entryway or sliding glass doors that resist wind, even garage doors! There is no going wrong here, once these babies are installed they will provide protection for years to come.

Protection against wind, rain, and debris is not the end of impact doors and windows. Impact glass is sound resistant, making your home less susceptible to lawn mowers and loud children outside. Impact class is also useful for fending off burglars! It is much harder for a weapon to pierce impact glass; after a few strikes to the still-standing window, the burglar will know he picked the wrong house to mess with. Finally, impact glass is UV-ray resistant! This means it will protect your skin and your furniture from harmful UV-rays that could potentially harm you and discolor your furniture.

Impact glass is the best way to make your home hurricane-resistant and protect your family. If you’d like to inquire about this life-preserving technology give us a call at (954)-236-8047 or fill out a small form on our website and we’ll give you a free estimate. AllWeatherProtective is here to help.