Impact Doors and Windows in the Winter

The summer is coming to an end and it's time to take advantage of all the great benefits of impact doors and windows. Some people mistakenly believe that the only effect impact doors and windows have is in the presence of a hurricane. That is anything but the case! Installing impact doors and windows in your home may be the greatest choice you've made since moving in. Here's why.

Impact doors and windows save you money! According to the Florida Statue 627.0629 for residential properties, all insurance companies are required to provide homeowners with insurance discounts if their homes are protected against windstorms effectively. Not only this, the value of your house will go up!

Impact doors and windows protect your home! They provide 24 hour theft protection and security. Window manufacturers use a PVB interlayer sealed between two layers of glass which allows for strong binding, perfect clarity and tough adhesion. This presents a formidable challenge to burglars.

Impact doors and windows provide insulation! The PVB interlayer is a chemical resin that adheres to the two glass layers. This interlayer reduces the thermal conduction of the glass and increases it's insulating capabilities.

There's more. Impact doors and windows provide up to 99% UV protection. This will help preserve the interior of your home and any valuable furniture and decorations that would otherwise be subject to discoloration.

One more thing!! Impact doors and windows help give your house peace and quiet. If you live near a busy street or your neighbor has a loud lawn mower, this is perfect for you. Impact glass reduces noise by up to 40%

Jump on this efficient bandwagon ASAP! You're missing out on safety and joy that could easily be yours. Contact AllWeather today for a free estimate!