Impact Glass helps prevent Wind Damage

Hurricane season starts on June 1st. Now that is right around the corner! Have you been preparing? There are many ways to get ready for any incoming storms: making hurricane kits, stocking up on water and foods, batteries, etc. The most important factor is protecting your home. If your home is adequately protected from the forces of a hurricane there is no need to worry. There are many ways that people protect their homes nowadays. What is the best protection? Impact glass.

The wind force of a hurricane is the basis of its' destruction. If you can protect your home from this force that threatens to penetrate your walls, you will be alright and your home will stay intact. This is the idea behind impact glass: Hurricane preparedness.

Regular glass windows stand no chance against winds that reach over 80 MPH. Windows will blow out and the hurricane will enter your home, possibly lifting the roof off! Impact windows and doors can withstand winds up to 175 MPH, now that's how you protect your property. Impact glass on your garage doors, sliding doors, and windows is a sure fire way of staying safe this hurricane season. For those of us in south Florida, in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and surrounding areas, we know how destructive hurricanes can be.

Impact windows, parts and labor, cost $500 to $1300 depending on size, frame type, and window ratings. This is nothing compared to the amount of property damage they will save you from. Not only will they save you from the damage, they provide serenity from sound outdoors, protect your furniture from harmful UV rays, and increase insulation in the home. You can't go wrong here, folks.

Get prepared and be safe with impact glass! Contact us by phone at: 1-800-728-5126 or 954-236-8047 to schedule a free estimate. AllWeatherProtective is here to help. See you soon!