The Impact of Impact Glass and Windows

All it takes is one, tiny point of entry into your home for hurricane winds to take over; your belongings will be hitting the wall and your roof will be lifting off. As we all know, windows are the most susceptible to damage. Just one small piece of debris at high enough speeds can crack your window and let the hurricane in. Even without debris, strong winds can do the job. According to, winds at 82 MPH result in blown out windows, that's with no help from debris. No need to fear, there is one type of glass that a hurricane won't break through. Impact glass.

Impact glass isn't your average window, it has strong laminated glass interlayers which provide exponentially more protection than the standard one-layer glass door or window. When struck by something hard and forceful, like a tree branch or even a large rock, the glass resists shattering. Impact glass from AllWeatherProtective can withstand up to 175MPH, that's more than double what standard storm windows can put up with. In the rare event that a fast, flying object strikes the glass, the pane may shatter, but it remains held within the frame. This reduces the risk of flying glass, water or debris penetrating into the home.

Impact glass can replace all of the glass protecting your home. The windows, sliding glass doors, and even the glass in your garage doors can be replaced. This will ensure a harmless storm season for your family and property.

Along with extraordinary storm protection, impact glass provides protection from anything trying to break your glass including burglars. Any criminals trying to crack your windows will be quickly deterred when they realize they can't break through with just a few strikes.

Impact glass also provides sound isolation. A home with impact glass installed is rarely disturbed by the neighbors lawn mower or the morning birds. In addition, impact glass reflects harmful UV rays which protects your skin and prevents your furniture from fading.

The best part is that if you call AllWeatherProtective, you can get a free estimate on how much it will cost to have your regular glass replaced with impact glass. Protect your home now. If you're a property owner in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and surrounding areas, call 1-800-728-5126 or 954-236-8047, or complete the estimate request form on our homepage.