Insulate Your Home This Winter With Impact Windows and Doors

There are many reasons to invest in impact glass that don’t have much to do with storms. With hurricane season passing, only one of those reasons is out the window! There are many benefits you may not know about that could be important to you. Out of all of the magnificent aspects of impact glass, insulation is one that may be sought after most of all.

Energy costs are on the rise. This means that as your conditioned air seeps out through tiny cracks around your doors and windows and through the glass itself, you are losing more money than ever. Impact doors and windows will keep your air conditioning inside! In fact they are so good at insulating that they could reduce your yearly energy bills by up to 30% by trapping your hot air (or cold air, depending on what you want) inside where you want it to stay.

If that’s not enough to convince you, impact glass will protect your home from potentially damaging UV rays. This allows you to place any carpet or piece of furniture near the window without worrying about the damaging effects of UV rays.

On top of this, impact glass can reduce outside noise by up to 90%. This means no more traffic or neighborly activities disturbing your peace.

If your interest is peaked, contact us for a free estimation on how much it will cost to upgrade your home.